III International scientific and practical conference «Actual problems of the energy complex: mining, production, transmission, processing and environmental protection»

(APEC 2021)

The conference is held with the aim of summarizing international experience in the field of information and digital development of spheres of activity and industries, namely:


- Activation of the scientific and practical industry in order to formulate proposals for the technological, technical, digital, innovative, organizational and economic development of the industry;
-  Popularization of fundamental and applied research of the fuel and energy complex;
- The accelerated growth of technical and technological methods, aimed at improving efficiency, production, transition, sustainable development in the long term.


Students, graduate students, teachers, young scientists, scientists from various research and educational institutions, as well as representatives of government agencies are invited to participate.


Prominent scientists of the Russian Federation in the fields of physics, mathematics, digital and information development will make presentations at the plenary session.


The international program and organizing committee include Russian and foreign scientists from research and educational institutions, as well as representatives of various spheres of activity and industries.


The conference participants are invited to publish scientific articles in the journal indexed in the international SCOPUS database.


Important dates:

October 25, 2020 - the first information letter;

March 12, 2021 - the end of registration and acceptance of articles;

March 17, 2021 - the end of the review and publication of the conference program;

March 25, 2021 - a conference.


The conference program will be formed based on the results of the materials received and published no later than March 17, 2021 on the conference website.


The conference venue is OOO "RID".


The main directions of the conference:

1. Oil and gas, environmental, chemical and energy engineering;
2. Technical and technological development of the energy sector;
3. Intelligent, informational, digital and automated technologies in electrical systems and networks;
4. Materials science and materials technology in the energy sector;
5. Extracted resources: coal, gas, oil, peat and other minerals;
6. Renewable and alternative energy sources;
7. Energy systems and complexes;
8. Reliability and safety of the energy system;
9. Organization of the functioning of energy facilities;
10. Energy production in the context of the transition to sustainable development;
11. World energy infrastructure and electric power complexes;
12. Transportation of fuel and energy resources and transmission of electrical energy;
13. Energy and advanced technologies;
14. System analysis, physical and mathematical modeling, computer and information technologies in the energy sector;
15. Nuclear, thermal, hydroelectric power plants and renewable energy sources;
16. Environmental protection, nature management and ecological safety of energy facilities;
17. Renewable and alternative energy sources. Green energy;
18. Environmental management;
19. Ecological and electric transport;
20. Rational use of natural resources, mining and soil cultivation technology.


International Program Committee:

1.Gibadullin Arthur Arthurovich - Candidate of Sciences, State University of Management, Moscow, Russian Federation;


2.Gnatyuk Viktor Ivanovich - Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Kaliningrad State Technical University, Kaliningrad, Russian Federation;


3.Kivchun Oleg Romanovich - Candidate of Technical Sciences, Baltic Federal University named after I. Kant, Kaliningrad, Russian Federation;


4.Lutsenko Dmitry Vladimirovich - Candidate of Technical Sciences, LLC KIC "Technocenosis", Kaliningrad, Russian Federation;


5.Morkovkin Dmitry Evgenievich - Candidate of Sciences, Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, Moscow, Russian Federation;


6.Saidzoda Rahimjon Khamro - Doctor of Technical Sciences, Acting Professor, Dushanbe Branch of the National Research Technological University of the National Research Technological University MISiS, Dushanbe, Republic of Tajikistan;


7.Sadriddinov Mahmadi Makhmudovich - Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Associate Professor, Tajik Technical University named after academician M.S. Osimi, Dushanbe, Republic of Tajikistan;


8.Sadriddinov Manuchehr Islomiddinovich - Candidate of Sciences, Associate Professor, Tajik State University of Finance and Economics, Dushanbe, Republic of Tajikistan;


9.Polevoy Sergey Anatolyevich - Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, Moscow, Russian Federation;


10.Pulyaeva Valentina Nikolaevna - Candidate of Sciences, Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, Moscow, Russian Federation;


11.Firsov Yuri Ivanovich - PhD in Economics, Prague Institute for Advanced Studies, Prague, Czech Republic;


12.Kharitonova Ekaterina Nikolaevna - Doctor Sciences, Professor, Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, Moscow, Russian Federation.


Requirements for articles:

- The article must correspond to one of the topics of the conference;

- The article must be in English;

- The article should contain the following sections: «Materials and methods», «Results», «Discussion» and «Conclusion» (section «Acknowledgments» is written if necessary);

- The volume of the article should be 4-6 pages;

- The recommended number of authors should not exceed 5;

- Links must be made in accordance with the requirements of the Publisher. Links, as a rule, need to be made only to sources (articles) from international journals;

- The text must be typed in electronic form in Microsoft Word 2007/2003 format. The text can be illustrated with diagrams and tables. All illustrations must be within the boundaries of the text (do not go to the margins of the sheet);

- The article must contain an abstract (no more than 200 words);

- The number of references in the list of references must be at least 10;

- Self-citation should not exceed 10%;

- The originality of the article is not less than 80%;

- All authors must be familiar with the license agreement.


Submission of materials:

To participate in the conference, you need to send an article prepared according to the requirements of the journal.


The scientific works of the authors who spoke at the conference, after reviewing and editing, are published in the journal, indexed in the international SCOPUS database. Articles by authors who did not speak at the conference are not subject to publication.


The order of publication of an article in a journal indexed in Scopus:

- Sending materials by mail to the executive secretary of the organizing committee apec2021@ridlaw.ru;

-  Conducting expertise and double-blind reviewing of materials;

-  Full-time presentation at the conference.